Critical changes in the economy of Manyu Division (the South West Region), as well as changes in Cameroon, as a result of the separatist war have resulted in a great number of currently unemployed women and school dropouts (Internally Displaced). As a consequence, women have become the poorest part of the population. Then many youth have dropped out of school. The average Manyu rural woman has about 5-6 children. These women's health is damaged by frequent childbirth, poor living conditions, and irregular nourishment, including a serious lack of vegetables and fruits in the dry season (November-April). For these reasons, many women suffer from various diseases during pregnancy.
Many women in the hospital cannot afford to pay for meals which include fresh vegetables and fruits. This is a problem especially in the dry season when our exhausted bodies desperately need vitamins. It is against this backdrop that ELENA decided to launch a vegetable cultivation project. The goal of this project is to provide ecologically clean vegetables and fruits to pregnant rural women. In order to reach this goal we created vegetable demonstration plots and planted ecologically clean products such amaranthus, okra, tomatoes, pepper, carrots etc.

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