ELENA has participated in several medical campaigns and using several strategies.

Some of the campaigns are:


There is neither a vaccine nor a cure for AIDS; therefore, efforts to reduce the incidence of HIV/ AIDS have been focused on at-risk behaviors. As a response to the growing infections among youths, following recommendations from the World Bank, the Cameroon government developed HIV/AIDS educational packages through the Ministry of Health,  and partners.

ELENA is a subsidiary  partner of the Ministry of Health banded by a collaboration agreement. ELENA initiates and implements health campaigns in line with the national policy. One of the campaigns, ”

“Sensitization and prevention of HIV&AIDS sponsored by STREETFOOTBALL WORLD/FIFA /FOOTBALL FOR HOPE-Germany”

“Mainstreaming of the staff of MINFOF Delegation in Manyu and Takamanda National” amongst others


Still on HIV&AIDS pandemic, ELENA as a sub partner to Plan International Cameroon, under Global Fund Round 1, took active part in the  identification care and support of Orphans and vulnerable Children, off springs of HIV&AIDS patients


Under Global Fund  Round 9-Malaria Project, Phase II:

“Scaling-up Malaria Control for Impact in Cameroon, 2011-2015”  ELENA a sub partner to the Ministry of Health, participated in the implementation of the two key strategies:

  • Prevention through the distribution of Long Lasting Insecticidal Nets (LLINs) and Intermittent Preventive Treatment (IPT) for pregnant women and
  • Correct diagnosis and prompt treatment.

As  an experienced and recognized partner of the Ministry of Health, ELENA will not relent to initiate and implement health campaigns and project in the area of with the assistance of donors/partners.

Training of Community health Workers on simple malaria(IPT) treatment in Mamfe Health District


Elena NGO donates hand sanitizers

Elena NGO donates hand sanitizers

Controlling and preventing the spread of COVID-19 (distribution of Hand sanitizers to female football players