ELENA cognizance of her role as a development catalyst and in line with her vision is aware that women play a crucial role in society. They are catalysts of change and can do a lot to improve health and environmental conditions within their communities. Education and training of women has always been primordial goal. Women if trained ,knowledge gained will be passed on and applied because of their key influence in the education of their families, especially the children and adolescents. This is why we lay emphasis on their empowerment.
The South West Region is among the areas most devastated by the HIV&AIDS epidemic. It is highly infiltrated by all sorts of beliefs and unfortunately these very beliefs are used to oppress and disadvantage the young children, immorality, disobedience of human rights, religious discrimination, high defilement and rape crimes etc. And the threat to the mushrooming religious denominations while the social conditions that contribute to gender-based violence in our country are complex and rooted in our divided past, the greater empowerment of women will go a long way to strengthening the fight against dependency on husbands, fathers, partners and family members has increased women’s vulnerability to domestic violence, rape, incest, abuse and murder.
The situation for many women is also often worsened by poor access to education, as well as reproductive health risks, society’s restrictive gender norms, discrimination in employment and lack of support systems.
ELENA runs a Vocational training Centre though not properly equipped to dispense the desired knowledge required. We will continue with the little means to move women out of doldrums.
Besides, we have also initiative and a cash crop agricultural initiative (cocoa, oil palm cultivation) for women and girls. This domain was exclusively believed to be a men’s affair.

Dressmaking/ design trainee perfecting  herself for future self-employment( ELENA needs to invest more in this domain with donor support.

Support African girls

ELENA’s Chief of Agricultural section donating 500 seedlings of Cocoa to a young girl to embark on a two year programme to combat household poverty in Etoko village in its quest to improve the lives of the most disadvantaged people and Communities of Manyu Division..
Dubbed “promoting and establishing income generating activities for the most disadvantaged people and communities to raise out of Poverty”, the programme is aimed at improving the vocational and entrepreneurial skills of Women and Youth and to increase the access of rural women and youth to household income generation and productive assets that enable self-reliance or enjoyment of life. The programme will further more increase the access of girls and marginalized children to quality basic education, medication, clothing, food, and well-being. These women and youth will be trained in Information Technology (I.T), dressmaking/tailoring and other entrepreneurial skills.
ELENA, Multipurpose Skills Development Project is requesting funds that will support in the establishment of a quality vocational and entrepreneurial skills training centre for people, communities and families of Manyu that want to raise out of poverty or embrace development in their areas of jurisdictions.